Ruby - 07/20/2004 - 11/13/2014 

Ruby is pictured above at ten years old using the cart. She is the second boxer to use the cart. Ruby is owned and loved by her owner Pat. Ruby took to the cart right away and she really enjoyed her time using it. She was a very happy sweet girl.

Rest in peace sweet Ruby.

​Fyrecreek's Wheels For DM

We have a canine wheelchair/cart available on a loan system to help Boxers that have DM. 

Unfortunately there may come a time in your Boxer's life that they may face disabilities in their rear due to DM.

We are here to help give your Boxer the mobility assistance he/she needs to be able to walk, run, play and get the exercise he/she needs, to hopefully live a longer happier life when faced with the disability issues that can occur with health issues like DM.

How our loan system works

A deposit is required for the loan of the cart. The cart is to be returned in the same condition as it was loaned. Your deposit is returned to you on return of the cart when your Boxer is done with it. On return of the cart and return of the deposit, Fyrecreek Boxers will provide a dog tag in memory of your Boxer that used the cart. The tag will include your Boxers name on the front. The back of the tag will have your Boxer's date of birth and date passed. The tag will then be attached to a clip along with all of the other Boxers that have used the cart. 

We welcome you to send us pictures of your Boxer during their use of the cart and we will add them to to this page.